HOW i can help!


As a Health & Nutrition Coach I am here to support, educate and guide you to achieve your health goals through lifestyle and behaviour changes.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or get healthy, we can together, create simple yet effective strategies needed to achieve your goals & vision.

Together we will create strong goals, I will encourage regular feedback and continually track your progress.

I will provide accountability and encouragement, removing limiting factors whilst helping YOU achieve YOUR health and nutrition goals.

Make this your time to step out of the diet culture and focus on real, long term health changes.

If you want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight & live your healthiest self…..then lets get started!



areas we can work on:


Weight loss: An initial analysis of your dietary habits and attitudes. Creating effective, individualised weight-loss strategies for realistic long term weight-loss. Recognising factors involved in your health challenges and unwanted eating habits, addressing them on an individual and holistic level. Removing nutritional deficiencies and making changes to ensure your body is using fat instead of glucose as its fuel.

Movement & Exercise: Discovering new ways to incorporate and embrace movement into your life, specific to your needs. No matter where you are starting if you move well, you also think, feel and live well.

Hunger Cues - Reconnecting your mind/body relationship through mindful eating. This can help with weight loss and overall health. It is not just about WHAT you eat but HOW you eat to achieve successful weight loss.

Emotional Eating & Cravings: Making fundamental shifts in your relationship with food. We can be limited by our beliefs, thoughts and what we tell ourselves. Being curious, not using judgement on ourselves is paramount, as too is being self aware. Check in with yourself. Cravings can be a result of nutritional deficiencies, stress levels and certain hormones, let’s work these out together.

Recipes, Pantry Audit, Whole foods: Provide wholesome, nutritious recipe ideas, encouraging active improvements in food choice, planning and preparation. Setting up the appropriate environment for your success so you no longer rely solely on willpower.

Hormones: It’s all about the hormones! Hormones affect body composition and health, they drive weight-gain and weight-loss. To achieve fat loss it is important to restore the proper function of the fat burning and fat storage hormones.

Gut Health: Poor gut health can contribute to many issues including weight-gain, IBS, anxiety, fatigue and the list goes on. Gut bacteria can affect how your body utilises calories. We need to feed it correctly, I can show you how.

Stress Strategies: Formulating strategies to help you find the balance with stress. There is a strong connection between chronic unrelenting stress of modern living, our appetite for all things sweet and the accumulation of fat tissue. Together we can implement some small steps, you will not only begin to notice a shift in how you feel but also how your body burns fat as an energy source.

Sleep Strategies; Lack of sleep is one of the most overlooked lifestyle factors impacting on our health & wellbeing. Chronically bad sleep effects your health and weight loss goals. Together we can create helpful sleep routines, incorporating a number of strategies to optimise your quality of sleep.